Artist Statement


The process of working with resin intrigues me because of the precise need for measurement when mixing the resin and the limited application time involved with each piece. I feel a certain stress because of the minimal work time before the resin begins to set. But this stress leads to a hopeful anticipation and excitement to see how the resin takes shape and flows on it’s own before settling down and curing. Resin does what it does and that may be why I am so obsessed. Even the most well thought out plans change, as the resin does it’s resin thing. It is because of this that I love working in this medium. The unpredictability mirrors life but it all works out in the end. I also love the freedom to experiment with color, line, crystal, stone, glass, gold-leaf, glitter, and basically anything I choose to mix into the sticky medium. The final result, a shiny, sparkly, treasure to the eye.
I am inspired by natural shapes, crystals, the moon, ebb, flow, friendship, and the cycle of life. This work allows me to live in the moment and provides both an anchor and escape. When I am working on a piece I feel in the moment and when I am not I am planning and plotting my next piece. I used to be an oil painter and shortly after college closed the door on art and began a corporate career. After the loss of a dear friend and a collection of other life events, I felt a powerful pull to return to art. Making this art stirs my soul and makes me feel a spark of life. I am so grateful to have found my way back.